Artificial Intelligence

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Selected work


Natural Language Processing for Social Media, 3rd. Ed. 2020

Authors: Farzindar & Inkpen

Published by: Morgan & Claypool Publishers -220 pages

Transforming Healthcare with Big Data and AI, IAP, 2020

Alex Liu, Aanna Farzindar, Mingbo Gong

Published by: Information Age Publishing, Incorporated, 2020 -186 pages

Gazelle in New York on Google play


Gazelle in New York (آهو در نیویورک), Collection of short stories, Science fiction in Persian

Author: Anna Farzindar

Published by: Daricheh Publisher -222 pages

Conferences and Webinars

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Graphics Interface (GI) and Computer and Robot Vision (CRV) 2014, Montreal, Canada

Webinar organized by: Women of MENA in Technology NYC, 2020

"Gazelle In New York" presented in BBC Persian by Massoud Behnoud

London, UK, Nov. 2021

Introducing my recent collection of short stories on BBC Persian, a book called “Gazelle in New York". It was featured in a weekly book review program with Mr. Massoud Behnoud, a well-known Iranian journalist and writer. He considered this book as a beautiful and well-presented collection. Listen to the program, which aired on the BBC in farsi.

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